Pool Maintenance Tips – How to Take Care of Your Pool

There’s no doubt that having a pool is great, however, there’s a lot that goes into taking care of a pool in order to keep it clean, healthy and for you and your family. Following are important guidelines to follow for regular pool maintenance.

Sanitising Your Pool

In order to ensure the health of your swimming pool users, it’s important to regularly sanitize your pool, including adding chlorine on a weekly basis. Chlorine kills contaminants and bacteria and can be added by using a number of methods. You can purchase granulated chlorine, mix it with water, and add it yourself. If you do decide to mix it yourself, don’t add the chlorine all at once – take your time, adding a little as you go. An easier method would be to use a chlorine feeder which is available at most pool dealerships. If you or any of your regular pool users have sensitive skin (or can’t stand the smell of chlorine), you might want to use bromine for pool sanitation.


Once the pool water is sanitized, the next step is to “shock” it around every two weeks, prior to adding chlorine again. Since chlorine isn’t as effective after dealing with pool waste and contaminants over time, a shocker is used to get rid of all of the leftover waste The cleaning process, referred to as oxidisation, gets rid of old chlorine and “swimmer” waste including cosmetics, suntan lotion, skin cells and urine.

Perform Regular Maintenance

By regularly following these preventative pool maintenance recommendations, you’ll end up with a sparkling clean pool that everyone can safely enjoy.

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