Keeping Kids Safe Around the Pool

A swimming pool offers a great way for kids to exercise and have fun. Unfortunately, small children drown in family swimming pools each year. Even small inflatable pools and wading pools have enough water for kids to drown in, so parents must be cautious. Safety should always be a priority, and the following tips will help parents keep their kids safe around the pool.

Tip #1 – Never Leave Kids Alone

First, you should never leave kids alone in the pool. When kids are small, you should be in the pool with them. As they grow older and they are able to swim on their own, it’s still important to watch them the entire time they are in the pool. A trusted adult should always be on pool duty when kids are swimming.

Tip #2 – Make Some Pool Rules and Enforce Them

It’s also important to make some rules that kids need to follow when they are around the pool. For example, you may want to make a rule that there is no running around the pool. Explain to children that the rules are there to keep them safe while they enjoy the pool. Of course, it’s not enough to just have rules – you need to enforce those rules to make sure they are followed all the time.

Tip #3 – Keep the Pool Area Protected

Many pool accidents happen because kids sneak into the pool when their parents aren’t around. This is why it’s so important to keep the pool area well protected. Multiple layers of protection will help prevent serious accidents. For example, start with a fence around the pool that is locked so you are able to control access to the pool. You may want to have an alarm on the gate of the pool fence as well. It’s also a good idea to have a floating alarm that will go off if a large objects falls into the water. If you have an inside door that opens to the pool area, you may want to put an alarm on that door as well.

Tip #4 – Invest in Swimming Lessons for Your Kids

While knowing how to swim doesn’t always prevent drowning, investing in swimming lessons can definitely reduce the risk that your children will drown. Swimming lessons teach your children lifelong skills that they will use multiple times. The age for swimming lessons varies, so you’ll want to carefully consider the age at which you think your children are developmentally ready to begin lessons.

Other Helpful Tips

The following are a few more helpful tips and ideas that can help you keep your children safe when they’re around the pool.

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