Bathroom Trends

Current bathroom trends are best described as eco-friendly meets the home spa experience. Homeowners want a luxurious sanctuary, with state-of-the-art features such as steam showers and dual flush toilets, integrated with sustainable materials. Think recycled glass and reclaimed woods.

Whether you plan to stay in your current home or prepare it for resale, re-visioning bathrooms is a smart move. A “Cost vs. Value report” in Remodeling Magazine estimates you will recover 72.5 percent of your investment when your home sells.

Soaking Tubs

There were a several major changes in bathroom fixtures this year. A modern version of the stately claw-footed tub provides a chief focal point. The tub-shower concept is sharply declining in favor of a mighty-big, freestanding tub. Count relaxing in the soaking tub among your non-guilty pleasures.

Statement Showers

Continuing the home spa motif, chic features of showers include multiple showerheads that spray mist and steam showers, which open-up your pores.

Open concept or doorless showers are the latest inviting-est concept. They provide a sensation that opens up the room, making it appear bigger.

Leggy Sinks

Among radical bathroom trends is the leggy bathroom sink. Because under-mounted sinks eliminate your under-counter storage space, you’ll need to get innovative with storage solutions.

You may prefer the wooden floating vanity, which is also making a serious impact with homeowners.

Baskets Creative Storage Solution

Put some of those gift baskets from Christmas’ past, sans contents to practical use. Place rolled-up thirsty towels and washcloths in a big wicker basket on the floor. Install a glass shelf above your leggy sink and create his and hers toiletry baskets.

Hang a pretty basket near the toilet for housing bathroom tissue. Store a couple of baskets underneath the sink for spa-esque items such as loofahs, lotions and essential oils. Fill the other one with cleaning items.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is inching-out the previous must-have granite.  The butcher block style created from sustainable wood, luscious onyx and the whimsical look of recycled glass are strong contenders.


Subway tiles have proven totally hot in 2015.  Tiles are the perfect way to add pops of color that break-up the all white bathroom. Slate gray remains the tile color, but in keeping with a spa-like ambiance, cobalt blue is a great option.

Rimless Toilets

The spotlight is on rimless, easy-care toilets. The total surface of the toilet bowl is reachable for quick and thorough cleaning. When the toilet is flushed, water encompasses the entire bowl, which discourages formation of deposits, resulting in total ease of cleaning.

Dual-flush toilets conserve water and cut your monthly bill substantially. When appropriate, choose the minimal flush that only consumes 0.8 gallons of water. When necessary, select the regular flush.

Glam-up the Grout

Historically grout has been an annoying necessity, which cracks and attracts mildew and mold. New grout is offered in rainbow colors. Glammed-up grout is an innovative way to point attention to tile types and patterns.

Bottom Line

Use these bathroom trends to accumulate an idea file. When you are ready to revamp your bathroom, pick those that appeal to your personality and lifestyle.

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